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How to complete your Learning Agreement

The Learning Agreement is divided into three sections: Before the Mobility, During the Mobility and After the Mobility.

Before the Mobility

The purpose of this section is to fill in the courses you registered for at WU, and confirm that you will be able to transfer these credits back to your home university. This section of the Learning Agreements should be signed by all parties (home university, host university, and student) prior to your arrival at WU.

The best moment to send us your Learning Agreement is right after you registered for your WU courses – unless your home university requires you to do otherwise. Every incoming exchange student is in contact with an exchange coordinator at WU, who signs the needed documents, including your Learning Agreement.

During the Mobility

Unless your home university specifically requests it, you do not need to fill out this section of the agreement. However, we recommend that you discuss any changes made to your course selection during the semester with your home university.

After the Mobility

Your Transcript of Records together with your Confirmation of Stay function as a substitute. WU does not sign this part of the Learning Agreement.

For Erasmus Codes and any other information you may need, please check the following guide:

How to fill out your Learning Agreement
How to fill out your Learning Agreement