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Double degree program - Bachelor Business and Economics

On bachelor level, we have a double degree agreement with Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia. The program takes four years to complete. If you are a QUT student participating in the program, you will spend your sixth and seventh semester at WU, before returning to your home university for the last semester, the eighth.

Key facts

  • 8 semesters, 2 degrees
    After successfully completing the program, you will receive a bachelor’s degree from WU (BSc (WU) Business and Economics) and a bachelor’s degree from QUT (B.Bus (major)).

  • Choice of specializations and free electives at WU
    You have a choice of various specializations and electives in English, which give you a highly personalized study experience at WU.

  • Tuition fee waiver
    You are not subject to tuition fees at WU for the duration of your studies. You do, however, have to pay the Students’ Union dues of around € 20 per semester.

  • Networking and personal development
    As a double degree student, you will be part of regular academic life at WU, which means more networking opportunities and more possibilities of developing personal skills such as independence and self-reliance.


If you are a QUT student and interested in the program at WU, you have to apply for a double degree spot at your home university. For more information about the process, please contact the responsible person at your home institution.

Curriculum, structure, prerequisites

After you have been nominated for a double degree study period at WU, you will spend your sixth and seventh semesters at WU, and the eighth and final semester back at QUT. For more information, please carefully read the curriculum:

BBE Double Degree Curriculum Incomings
BBE Double Degree Curriculum Incomings

Depending on your major at QUT, some specializations may not be available to you due to content overlaps. You can find more information on the range of courses and specializations that are available at WU for each QUT major in the tables below:

Course structure for QUT Students coming to WU (by QUT major)
Course structure for QUT Students coming to WU (by QUT major)

Plan your stay at WU and in Vienna

For a compact overview of everything you need to know about your stay here, please see the page Your semester at WU from start to finish.

Working in Austria

Sound German skills (minimum level B1 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) are a requirement for working in Austria. We strongly recommend attending a German language course prior to and/or while studying at WU.

WU's Business Language Center offers a pre-semester German language course for incoming exchange students, as well as German courses during the semester. You will receive more information about how to register once you have been nominated.

The WU ZBP Career Center supports students and graduates in entering professional life and forms an interface between the university and the job market. More information on working in Austria is available here.

Confirmation of foreign academic achievement

After successful completion of your classes at QUT (see curriculum), please make sure that your QUT transcript is sent to your coordinator at WU’s International Office. You will receive a final grade based on your grade average (weighted according to your credits), which will be displayed on your WU transcript for the subject “Double Degree Studies.” WU’s International Office will arrange for your grade to be transferred.