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Bachelor's Programs

Three different bachelor’s programs to choose from

WU offers three bachelor’s programs: the Bachelor’s Program in Business, Economics and Social Sciences, the English-taught Bachelor’s Program in Business and Economics and the Bachelor’s Program in Business Law.

These are full-time, bachelor’s degree programs, each with a duration of three years and worth a total of 180 ECTS credits.

The Bachelor’s Program in Business, Economics and Social Sciences offers a well-founded education in basic business administration and a wide range of electives and specializations. The Bachelor’s Program in Business Law provides a full legal education, complemented by the fundamentals of business administration. In the subject of Foreign Language Business Communication, students can choose among the following languages: English, French, Italian, Russian, and Spanish. The Business and Economics is WU’s new English-taught bachelor’s program, covering a broad range of business and economics-related subjects.

Each bachelor's program has its own selection procedure. To learn more, please refer to the webpages of each individual program.