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Bachelor's Programs

Three dif­fer­ent bach­elor’s pro­grams to choose from

WU of­fers three bach­elor’s pro­grams: the Bach­elor’s Pro­gram in Busi­ness, Eco­nom­ics and So­cial Sciences, the Eng­lish-taught Bach­elor’s Pro­gram in Busi­ness and Eco­nom­ics and the Bach­elor’s Pro­gram in Busi­ness Law.

These are full-­time, bach­elor’s de­gree pro­grams, each with a dur­a­tion of three years and worth a total of 180 ECTS cred­its.

The Bach­elor’s Pro­gram in Busi­ness, Eco­nom­ics and So­cial Sciences of­fers a well-­foun­ded edu­ca­tion in basic busi­ness ad­min­is­tra­tion and a wide range of elect­ives and spe­cial­iz­a­tions. The Bach­elor’s Pro­gram in Busi­ness Law provides a full legal edu­ca­tion, com­ple­men­ted by the fun­da­ment­als of busi­ness ad­min­is­tra­tion. In the sub­ject of For­eign Lan­guage Busi­ness Com­mu­nic­a­tion, stu­dents can choose among the fol­low­ing lan­guages: Eng­lish, French, Italian, Rus­sian, and Span­ish. The Busi­ness and Eco­nom­ics is WU’s new Eng­lish-taught bach­elor’s pro­gram, cov­er­ing a broad range of busi­ness and eco­nom­ic­s-re­lated sub­jects.