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Course Examinations (LVP) and Examinations Week

Examination Scheludes and Student Information

The current Examination Scheludes can be found here.

You can find all the information we provide for students regarding exams in the exam week here.

Information for Proctors and Tutors

Please click the links below to find all the relevant information for proctors


The relevant legal regulations for holding exams (information materials for proctors, announcement no. 2) must be read to the students before every exam.

Auditorium seating capacities

Here you can find a list of all auditoriums and their maximum seating capacities for course exams.

Exam server and exam preparation

Time frame allowed for creating exams, printing them, and required work on the exam server

Please make sure to familiarize yourself with current regulations on the conduct of examinations. For detailed information, please see the the homepage for Study Regulations.

Copying Costs

Institutes can have exam papers copied by Facultas one week before the exam week and during the exam week. The Examinations Office will cover the costs for exam papers copied during this period. For better accounting of copying costs, a special form has to be signed that is available at Facultas..

Accounting for Large-Scale Exams

You can enter your large-scale exams for payroll accounting under the BACH menu item Großprüfungsorganisation (administration of large-scale exams)

You can find more information on accounting for large-scale exams here (pages in German).

The applicable rates and bonuses are specifiedon the Academic Staff Council Homepage.

Grade Statistics

The examinations statistics for all bachelor’s program exams held as part of large-scale examination weeks, can be found here.

Examinations and Cheating

If you witness cheating attempts during your exam, you can find information on how to proceed in this case and consequences here.

Bonus points

The overall assessment at a LVP is based on the final exam as the only performance. However, it is possible to award bonus points during regularly announced LV units (no break-out dates and the like), e.g. through clicker questions. These performances are voluntary for students and do not constitute formal examination performances and should only be awarded to a very limited extent.

All information on bonus points can be found in the explanations to the examination regulations. The current version (only in german) is available on the homepage of Study regulations.

No Show

If students who have registered for an examination fail to appear without appropriate notice, they will be blocked from the examination in question for a period of 10 weeks starting from the date of the missed exam (no-show rule). A no-show will not be counted as a lost examination attempt.

The submission of the no-show form and confirmation of the reason for absence has to be submitted exclusively ONLINE.

Students can find the form to fill out and attach the confirmation here.

"No-show" confirmations can be uploaded until the beginning of the registration period for the following exam week (i.e. until Monday, 2:00 p.m., 2 weeks before the start of the exam week no-show confirmations will be accepted). Confirmations submitted late will not be considered!