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Workshop-type course (AG)

Workshop-type courses (AG) are courses with compulsory attendance in which topics are worked out together.

In contrast to all other course types, AGs are not graded with 1-5, but only with "Successfully completed" or "Not completed". The presence and active participation of the students are the central assessment criteria. The recommended minimum level for student presence is therefore 80% of the announced course units.

Note on determining subject grades: Working groups are not taken into account when calculating subject grades; the corresponding subject grade is therefore based on all other courses in a subject. However, if the majority of a subject consists of working groups (more than 50% of the ECTS or more than half of the courses in a subject), the entire subject is assessed with "Successfully completed".

Please make sure to familiarize yourself with current regulations on Workshop-type courses performance. For detailed information, please see the relevant Legal documents & internal guidelines.