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Individual consulting

In addition to our extensive qualification offer, we are also happy to provide individual support for your digital teaching projects.

"How digital can | may | must my teaching be?"

The answer to this question must always be seen in the context of the basic delivery formats for courses and examsat WU. Depending on the delivery format, specific questions arise on the topic of digital teaching and examining - from simple ones ("Which exam questions can I ask in an online exam?") to more complex ones ("How do I design the asynchronous online phase in my blended learning course?").

"And how do Digital Teaching Services help me do that?"

Thanks to our expertise and networking, we can provide impulses for your plans and open questions during a consultation and show you ways to implement them. In doing so, we also incorporate our know-how from the various projects, such as OLE (Online Learning Environment) and FLEX.

"What topics can I get advice on?"

Click on the topic areas to see sample questions we are happy to assist you with.

Digital enrichment of ON-CAMPUS teaching

Teaching/learning technologies for ONLINE teaching

Teaching room technologies for HYBRID teaching

Digital teaching/learning scenarios for BLENDED LEARNING

Digital exams

Media productions

Virtual Reality

"I want to get started right away and make an appointment!"

Have you recognized your own concern in some questions? Or did new ideas arise while reading that you would like to discuss with us? Please send us an email at to arrange an individual consultation appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!