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WU Awards 2021 - Outstanding Research Achievements


WU awards bonuses to its researchers for publications in internationally renowned journals and other outstanding academic achievements.

Award Winners:

van der Ploeg, Frederick, Rezai, Armon. 2020. Stranded Assets in the Transition to a Carbon-Free Economy. Annual Review of Environment and Resources. 12 281–298.
Armon Rezai

Foster, Gillian Joanne, Kreinin, Halliki. 2020. A review of environmental impact indicators of cultural heritage buildings: A circular economy perspective. Environmental Research Letters.
Gillian Joanne Foster
Halliki Kreinin

Cahen-Fourot, Louison. 2020. Contemporary capitalisms and their social relation to the environment. Ecological Economics. 172.
Louison Cahen-Fourot

Foster, Gillian Joanne. 2020.
Concrete utopianism in integrated assessment models: Discovering the philosophy of the shared socioecono-mic pathways. Energy Research & Social Science. 68 (10153), 1–13.
Gillian Joanne Foster

West, Jim, Lieber, Mirko, Lutter, Franz Stephan, Schandl, Heinz. 2020. Proposal for a new compilation system for metal ores in economy wide material flow accounting. Journal of Industrial Ecology.
Mirko Lieber
Franz Stephan Lutter

Cibulka, Stefan, Giljum, Stefan. 2020. Towards a Comprehensive Framework of the Relati-onships between Resource Footprints, Quality of Life, and Economic Development. Sustainability. 12
Stefan Giljum

Dorninger, Christian, Hornborg, Alf, Absona, David, von Wehrden, Henrik, Schaffartzik, Anke, Giljum, Stefan, Engler, John-Oliver, Feller, Robert, Hubacek, Klaus, Wieland, Hanspeter. 2021. Global patterns of ecologically unequal exchange: Implications for sustainability in the 21st century. Ecological Economics. 179
Stefan Giljum
Hanspeter Wieland

Wegner Maus, Victor, Giljum, Stefan, Gutschlhofer, Jakob, da Silva, Dieison M., Probst, Michael, Gass, Sidnei L. B., Luckeneder, Sebastian, Lieber, Mirko, McCallum, Ian. 2020. A global-scale data set of mining areas. Scientific Data. 7 (1), 289
Stefan Giljum
Mirko Lieber
Sebastian Luckeneder
Victor Wegner Maus
Jakob Gutschlhofer

Hafner, Sarah, Anger-Kraavi, Annela, Monasterolo, Irene, Jones, Aled. 2020. Emergence of New Economics Energy Transition Models: A Review. Ecological Economics. 177 (10677)
Irene Monasterolo

Monasterolo, Irene. 2020. Climate change and the financial system. Annual Reviews of Resource Economics. 12 1–22.
Irene Monasterolo

Zwickl, Klara, Sturn, Simon, James K., Boyce. 2021. Effects of Carbon Mitigation on Co-pollutants at Industrial Facilities in Europe. Energy Journal. 42 (5)
Klara Zwickl
Simon Sturn

Foster, Gillian Joanne, Kreinin, Halliki, Stagl, Sigrid. 2020. The future of circular environmental impact indicators for cultural heritage buildings in Europe. Environmental Sciences Europe. 32 (141), 1–17.
Sigrid Stagl
Gillian Joanne Foster
Halliki Kreinin

Nikravech, Mariam, Kwan, Valerie, Dobernig, Karin, Wilhelm-Rechmann, Angelika, Langen, Nina. 2020. Limiting food waste via grassroots initiatives as a potential for climate change mitigation: a systematic review. Environmental Research Letters. 15(12): 123008.
Karin Dobernig

Semieniuk, Gregor, Campiglio, Emanuele, Mercure, Jean-Francois, Volz, Ulrich, Edwards, Neil R. 2020. Low-carbon transition risks for finance. WIREs Climate Change.
Emanuele Campiglio

Naqvi, Syed Ali Asjad, Gaupp, Franziska, Hochrainer-Stigler, Stefan. 2020. The risk and consequences of multiple breadbasket fai-lures: an integrated copula and multilayer agent-based modeling approach. OR Spectrum. 42 727–754.
Syed Ali Asjad Naqvi

Gruszka, Katarzyna, Böhm, Madeleine. 2020. Out of sight, out of mind? (In)visibility of/in platform-mediated work. New Media & Society (NMS). 1–20.
Katarzyna Gruszka

Stelwagen, Rianne, Slegers, Ellen, de Schutter, Elisabeth Marie Louise, van Leeuwen, Eveline. 2021. A bottom-up approach to model the environmental impact of the last-mile in an urban food-system. Sustainable Production and Consumption. 26 958–970.
Elisabeth Marie Louise de Schutter

Sturn, Simon, Epstein, Gerald. 2021. How much should we trust five-year averaging to purge business cycle effects? A reassessment of the finance-growth and capital accumulation-unemployment nexus. Economic Modelling. 96 (C), 242–256.
Simon Sturn

Glötzl, Florentin, Aigner, Ernest. 2019. Six Dimensions of Concentration in Economics: Evidence from a Large-Scale Data Set. Science in Context. 32 381–410.
Ernest Aigner

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