Guest Talk "LOT4KG: A Joint Methodology for the Ontology and Knowledge Graph Lifecycle"


Romana Pernisch 

Date/Time: 08.05.2024, 12:00-13:00 

Location: D2.2.094 


Knowledge Graphs (KG), composed of semantically annotated data and description logic definitions provided by ontologies, have been broadly adopted as evidenced by the rising numbers of KG-related publications. However, lifecycles for data generation and ontology  development have traditionally evolved separately limiting their interactions to the ontology as input for the KG construction. In this work, we present a novel and integrated methodology for ontology and knowledge graph (KG) lifecycles---LOT4KG. It is based on the LOT methodology for ontology engineering and extends it in three distinct ways: KG engineering, ontology evolution and KG evolution. I will provide details about the new activities and present our "evaluation". We analyse 17 published projects and align their process with LOT4KG. We found that even if continuous data digestion is accounted for, ontology evolution and its impact on the engineered KG is not considered at all. Therefore, with LOT4KG, we provide a methodology along which one can engineer and maintain an ontology and/or KG, either considered together or separately.

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