Guest Talk "A Semantic Encoding for the Specification of the Object Centric Event Data (OCED) Meta-model"


Saba Latif 

Date/Time: 24.04.2024, 12:00 

Location: D2.2.094 


Process mining is the discipline aimed at extracting, elaborating, and enhancing knowledge of business processes from event data stored by information systems. The IEEE Task Force on Process Mining is leading the standardization process for a new event data paradigm: The Object Centric Event Data (OCED) meta-model. OCED aims to overcome the limitations of the previous, well-established IEEE standard 1849-2016 XES, including lack of generalizability, complexity of the data structure, and memory expensiveness of the storage format. In our work, we aim to formally define the semantics of OCED to endow the new standard with a consistent, extensible, and interoperable representation. To this end, we will resort to the set of techniques and methodologies from the Semantic Web, the research field aimed at the machine-readable description of ontologies, relationships between entities, and categories of things. The cross-fertilization of the disciplines has already brought fruitful results, but the ground is fertile for new findings in this emerging interdisciplinary field. In our investigation, we see the potential to boost reasoning capabilities over OCED data, promote the linkage of heterogeneous data repositories, interconnect various information sources, enhance knowledge inference, and provide better expressiveness. The talk will introduce the approach and show its use in recent use cases and implementations.

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