Team of the month 07/23: The career counseling team at the WU ZBP Career Center


What am I good at, who am I, and what do I want? These are key questions for anyone, but they become especially important when starting a career. Last year, the WU ZBP Career Center’s career counseling team assisted 2,321 students in finding their first job through a well-targeted range of individual counseling services.

In one-on-one sessions, the career counseling team at the ZBP Career Center helps students to analyze and solve small and big questions when it comes to starting a career. The WU ZBP Career Center counseling team consists of Johanna Hiebl-Nopp, Hannah Kohl, Robert Langer, and Claudia Szauter. Over the past few months, the WU ZBP Career Center has developed two new counseling tools: the ZBP Career Profiler and the Guided Self Assessment. The Career Profiler is based on a Swiss online career test that allows students to identify their USP and benchmark it against their peers in the same cohort. At the WU ZBP Career Center, Johanna Hiebl-Nopp, Hannah Kohl, and Robert Langer adapted the test and adjusted it to the most common career profiles for holders of a WU degree, turning it into a custom-tailored tool for WU students. The Guided Self Assessment, developed by Johanna Hiebl-Nopp and Robert Langer, allows WU students to identify their strengths, values, and interests through a combination of selected personality tests, targeted reflection questions, and a highly focused one-on-one interview. The goal is to come up with a well-founded answer to the question: “What is the right job for me?”

Extremely positive student reviews and an average rating of 4.8 out of a possible 5 stars in the first quarter of 2023 are a powerful indication of the success of the ZBP Career Center’s counseling services.

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