WU Summer School: financial and business education for teens


WU4Juniors is a free, comprehensive educational program in the fields of finance, economics, business, and business law aimed at teens.

The financial literacy and business (law) knowledge of young people leave much to be desired. According to the Vienna Debt Counseling Office (Schuldnerberatung Wien), one in four people under the age of 30 in Austria are already in debt. Many, including WU Vienna, have long been calling for the government to give business education more weight in secondary school curricula, but these calls have so far gone unheeded. To address this situation, in 2019 WU launched WU4Juniors, a completely free, comprehensive educational program in the fields of finance, economics, business, and business law aimed at young people aged between 16 and 19. The program has met with a strong demand. In addition, WU now once again invites interested young people to attend the WU4Juniors Summer School. Applications are open until May 31. 

Currently, WU4Juniors offers 56 modules on topics such as stocks and shares, debt, or logistics, which are presented in the form of videos and interactive assignments. Around 20,000 registered users have completed approximately 51,000 modules so far. Interest in the topic of contracts has been particularly strong. A brand new topic that has just been added covers supply chains and logistics, which are highly relevant issues at the moment.

"Our experience with WU4Juniors shows that there is a strong need for business and economics education. It’s sad to see that Austria's secondary school students are hardly ever confronted with these highly relevant topics. Many people forget that everyone, including children and teens, is part of the economy. With our study modules, we try to provide young people with valuable knowledge to help them deal with economic questions successfully. Ultimately, this initiative also benefits society as a whole,” says WU Rector Edeltraud Hanappi-Egger.
Once they have successfully completed a module, the participants receive a badge. Participants who successfully complete the basic module on the circular flow of the economy and its players and at least one other module receive a WU4Juniors certificate. This is a valuable asset for job applications and a proof of achievement, and it is also a requirement for participation in the WU4Juniors Summer School. 

Summer School offers an in-depth look at business and economics

With at least four earned badges, interested students can apply for the Summer School to go more in depth. From July 11 to 15, WU opens its doors to Summer School participants and offers them the opportunity to gain some early-stage university experience. The week is dedicated to workshops, field trips, and project work. Participants will get to know professors and students, gain exclusive insights into business practice, and work on economic and business issues together. Participation in the Summer School is free of charge, and credits can also transferred toward a future WU degree program. In the previous years, 77 young people from 10 countries took this opportunity. 

The 2022 Summer School will take place from July 11 to 15, 2022. Applications are being accepted until May 31.

You can find out more about what WU4Juniors has to offer at: (in German)

For more information about the Summer School and the application requirements, please click this link.

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