WU hosts Austrian Integration Summit


WU participates in the Austrian Integration Summit 2023 as a cooperation partner.

Austria is a country that is marked by diversity and is now home to over nine million people. The public discourse often tends to focus on the aspects that supposedly do not work so well, but diversity can actually have very positive effects. This is because different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives can enrich our culture and promote innovation in our country. Diversity can unfold its full strength in a vibrant society where people have ample opportunity to learn from one another. This dynamic mutual enrichment is also reflected in the world of business and economics, where different talents can contribute their specific knowledge and expertise. Especially in a globalized world, it is important to take an approach that is as broad-based as possible in order to be able to rise up to complex challenges.

“Education plays a central role here. It opens doors, promotes mutual understanding and the exchange of ideas, strengthens social integration, and helps to break down barriers and build intercultural skills. High-quality education creates equal opportunities and helps everyone to unlock and develop their full potential. A well-educated population not only benefits our society as a whole, it also increases Austria’s competitiveness,” says WU Rector Rupert Sausgruber. “Strengthening social cohesion is the order of the day, and this requires a joint effort at various levels. Cooperation between communities, institutions, and the government is essential for creating an inclusive and cohesive society. Access to education, work for promoting equal opportunities and social engagement, public discussions and debates such as those offered by the Integration Summit, strengthening media literacy – all of these things help to strengthen cohesion in our society,” Rector Sausgruber adds.

To contribute to these efforts, WU is hosting the Austrian Integration Summit (Österreichischer Integrationsgipfel) this year. On December 5, this event will bring together representatives of migrant organizations, migrant media, and recognized religious communities as well as experts from the field of government, public institutions, NGOs, science and academia, business, and the media at WU.

As a meeting place that thrives on diversity, WU will play a key role in the Austrian Integration Summit, as selected WU representatives will participate in the panel discussions on the key topics. Aida Hajro (visiting professor at WU, professor of international business and director of the Centre for International Business at the University of Leeds, consultant for the World Bank, Social Protection and Jobs Global Practice, co-founder of the Migration, Business & Society group) will contribute her expertise to the panel discussion on the topic of work migration. Paul Rameder (a social and economic scientist and sports scientist, academic staff member at WU’s Institute for Nonprofit Management, and initiator of the Volunteering@WU sports buddy program, lecturer at the University of Vienna’s Center for Sport Science, board member of the LOGIN association) will be on the expert panel discussing the topic of sports and integration.

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