New WU Magazin with a focus on AI and appreciation


In the latest issue of the WU Magazin, WU researchers discuss the question of whether AI can show appreciation.

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Programmed for appreciation?

Can AI fulfill the human need for appreciation? Marta Sabou (WU Institute for Data, Process and Knowledge Management), Petra Eggenhofer-Rehart (WU Institute for Management and Organizational Behavior), Gerhard Furtmüller (WU Department of Management), Gerhard Speckbacher (WU Institute for Data, Process and Knowledge Management), and Wolfgang Elsik (WU Institute for Human Resource Management) explore this question in an interdisciplinary editorial piece.

New Rector’s Council

In an interview, Rector Rupert Sausgruber and his team explain the priorities they will be pursuing at WU during the next four years.

WU research news

The current research project of WU researcher and linguist Sara Matrisciano-Mayerhofer (WU Institute for Romance Languages) focuses on the communication strategies of smart cities. As part of another project, Christoph Feichter (Institute for Strategic Management and Managerial Accounting) has found out that many executives give too much weight to their own experiences.

AI and ethics

Sarah Spiekermann-Hoff (Institute for Information Systems and Society) is looking at what is needed to keep artificial intelligence under control.

Start-up story

“Starting businesses is my passion,” says WU alumna Sabine Walch, who studied business, economics, and social sciences with a focus on entrepreneurship and innovation at WU. Sabine Walch has built an impressive career as an entrepreneur and currently works as co-founder of her third start-up,

In the spotlight

WU alumna Isabell Claus, co-founder and managing director of, talks about her successful career path and shows how, with courage and curiosity, it’s possible to make landmark achievements in entrepreneurship.

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WU Magazin 2/2023
WU Magazin 2/2023
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