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WU experts answer questions about the effects of COVID19 on the economy, the law, and society

Will my company make it through this crisis? Can I claim damages for my cancelled vacation? How will COVID19 affect the economy and the financial markets? People currently have many unanswered economic and legal questions pertaining to the coronavirus pandemic. To answer these important questions, WU faculty are contributing their expertise and responding to the public’s inquiries at

The coronavirus pandemic is currently affecting practically all areas of everyone’s life and creating enormous social and economic challenges. Many companies are fearing for their continued existence, many employees for their jobs. The situation also puts a heavy strain on our public healthcare systems. How will this type of crisis change the economy, society, and our legal system? It is clear that the pandemic will not go by without a trace – and WU researchers are currently investigating just what these traces will look like. WU also wants to share this expertise with the public. Rector Edeltraud Hanappi-Egger says, “It’s important to us to share our knowledge and to provide data, statistics, and hard facts in these times of uncertainty. For this reason, our experts are currently answering the public’s questions about the economic, social, and legal effects of COVID19.”

Members of the public can submit their business-, economics-, or law-related questions about the COVID19 crisis directly on the page or by email to The answers to the most relevant questions will be published on the page.

Expertise vs. fake news

To help fight the spread of disinformation on COVID19, WU is also involved in a Universities Austria initiative (article available in German only) and will be providing the media with expert contacts on topics related to WU’s fields of expertise. “Especially at this crucial juncture, journalists need reliable, solid, fact-based sources of information to help them stand up against the spread of fake news and disinformation and avoid causing the public unnecessary uncertainty and anxiety,” says Hanappi-Egger.

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