ENGAGE.EU welcomes two new partner universities


The ENGAGE.EU network expands to Helsinki and Barcelona

WU is a founding member of the European University alliance ENGAGE.EU, a group of leading European universities in business, economics, and social sciences that have joined forces to provide European citizens with the skills and knowledge needed to tackle major societal challenges. At a ceremony during the May 2022 ENGAGE.EU meeting in Sofia, the alliance will welcome two new partner universities: Hanken School of Economics, Helsinki, and Ramon Llull University, Barcelona.

The two new members will extend the geographical reach of the alliance, take collaboration in teaching and research to the next level, and bring new benefits and opportunities for students. They will contribute their expertise to strengthen the ENGAGE.EU alliance and help to tackle challenges such as climate change, ageing societies, migration, and digitalization. These issues are vital for Europe’s future, and they are also important priorities in WU’s teaching and research, where they are addressed from a variety of disciplinary perspectives.

Hanken School of Economics is a research-driven university with a long tradition and close ties to the business community. By joining ENGAGE.EU, Hanken School of Economics will further strengthen its international focus. Ramon Llull University also has a very strong international outlook. It will deepen the alliance’s expertise and add new perspectives in fields such as bioethics, bioengineering, and mental health.

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