2022 Industriemagazin Ranking: WU Executive Academy takes #1


For the second year in a row, the WU Executive Academy took the lead in this year’s Industriemagazin continuous education ranking.

In the survey, a total of 28 Austrian continuous education providers were assessed in eight categories by 300 HR managers and the same number of employees from companies with a 50+ head count. They rated the schools’ reputation as well as the quality of teaching contents, lecturers, and of teaching in general on a scale from 1 (“top-notch”) to 5 (“very poor”). 

An Impressive Encore of Last Year’s Results

For the second year in a row, the WU Executive Academy was voted Austria’s leading continuous education provider in the leadership and strategy category of the respective 2022 Industriemagazin ranking.

“The variety of (inter)national continuous education offers has grown vastly so that it’s getting increasingly harder to keep track of what’s on offer. And this is where people’s trust in an institution, and thus its brand, comes in,” says Barbara Stöttinger, Dean of the WU Executive Academy.

She adds: “As the business school of WU, Austria’s largest business university that is on par with leading institutions throughout Europe, we take pride in offering programs that make a real impact on Austria’s and international business landscapes. Connecting business and research, we are able to incorporate the latest topics in our training offers, which are tailor-made to meet our customers’ needs. In doing so, we unite the best of two worlds: contents taught are relevant for business practice while simultaneously being rooted in the latest research in the field. This creates a special added value for executives and high potentials who choose to study with us: expertise that will continue to be state of the art for a long time to come.”

See https://industriemagazin.at/unternehmensfuehrung/seminaranbieter-ranking-2022-wu-executive-academy-ist-branchenprimus-in-fuehrung-und-strategie/ for information and all details on the ranking (in German).

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