Generating knowledge

Campus WU was built to reflect the university’s academic structure, which is organized into departments. The institutes are concentrated into the campus’ five department buildings for increased convenience and efficiency in the faculty’s everyday work. The department buildings were designed to create the best possible working conditions for WU’s faculty and staff.

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Lightfilled, well-equipped offices allow for optimal concentration, productivity, and creativity. Conference rooms are available for working in teams. All conference rooms are equipped for audio-visual presentations. Spacious lounges and break areas in the institutes and departments encourage informal networking and communication.

Our Libraries

The WU library is the largest of its kind in Austria and one of the largest in the German-speaking world. It is organized into three libraries on Campus WU. The Central Library is located in the Library & Learning Center, and the specialist libraries are housed in different department buildings, giving WU’s researchers fast and easy access to the literature they need for their work.

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The Central Library, spread over a total of six floors, has 1,500 student workstations and 66 computer workstations. In the library’s Newslounge, over 70 daily newspapers, weekly papers, magazines, and business and economics magazines are available for reading. The Library PressDisplay gives library users access to over 1,600 daily newspapers from over 90 different countries.

The Library for Law is located in the D3 building with all of WU’s law departments, and contains literature from all legal fields. Building D4 houses the OeNB Library for Social Sciences, in close proximity to the Departments of Socioeconomics and Economics. All specialist libraries have work and study areas, project rooms, and color scanners.

Main Library Collections

  • Business administration

  • Economics

  • Law (particularly business law)

  • Information systems

  • Statistics and mathematics

  • Economic geography and economic history

  • Sociology

  • Business education

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WU Labs

The Competence Center for Experimental Research operates 4 labs. The research labs’ modern infrastructure allows researchers to investigate a wide array of topics and features:

  • Computer cubicles with headsets and webcams

  • Sound-proofed booths

  • Observation rooms with one-way glass windows