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Microsoft guest account & Canvas WU

This page will tell you everything you need to know about the Microsoft Guest account, which you can use to log in to  Canvas WU during the admissions process. This can be helpful to view relevant information and learning materials and to prepare for the assessment phase.

Note: The new learning management system Canvas WU will be used by selected master's programs and individual courses of the bachelor's programs in the winter semester 2022/23. All other courses will continue to use the MyLEARN learning platform and will gradually switch to Canvas WU in the coming semesters. Info on how to access MyLEARN prior to admission can be found here.

1. How do I get a Microsoft Guest account?

With your application to a master's program at WU Vienna, a Microsoft Guest account has been created for you, unless you have an active WU account. If you already have an active WU account, no Microsoft Guest account will be created.

2. Who can access Canvas WU with the Microsoft Guest account?

The Microsoft Guest account is relevant for:

  • Students who have never been enrolled at WU before

  • former students of WU Vienna who no longer have an active WU account (see point 6 for information on the activity status of your WU account)

3. How do I get access to Canvas WU?

If you already have an active WU account, you can log into Canvas WU using your WU account.

If you do not have an active WU account, you will need to activate your Microsoft Guest account. You can find the activation link in the master's degree application tool in the menu item "FURTHER INFORMATION".

4. When can I start to access Canvas WU with the Microsoft Guest account?

Once you have activated your Microsoft Guest account, you will be able to log in to Canvas WU using your personal email address and password of your choosing.

5. How long can I access Canvas WU with my Microsoft Guest account?

The Microsoft Guest account is valid until you complete your admission in the Study Service Center (LC building, level 2), where you will receive the login data for your WU account (see item 6 below for information on WU accounts).

If you have been enrolled at WU before, you already have a WU account. If your WU account is currently deactivated (see item 7 below for information on the validity period of your WU account), it will be reactivated when your admission is completed.

From this point on, you will only have access to Canvas WU with your WU account.

6. What is the WU account?

Your WU account login data consists of your student ID number and your account password. Your WU account will remain valid for the entire duration of your studies at WU. You receive your WU account login data when you come to the Admissions Office to complete your admission to your master’s program. Your WU account gives you access to all WU online services for students.

7. When are WU accounts deactivated, and what does that mean?

If you have been enrolled at WU before but are no longer an active student in any WU program, your WU account is deactivated after approximately three to five months. Your WU account will be reactivated once your admission to your WU master’s program has been completed. As soon as your WU account is reactivated, you will no longer be able to access Canvas WU using your Microsoft Guest account.

In the meantime, you can access Canvas WU during the approval process using the Microsoft Guest account.

8) Who can help if I can’t log in to Canvas WU with my Microsoft Guest account?

For questions regarding the Microsoft Guest account or login to Canvas WU, please contact

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