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Welcome to the BeAble program!

Our goal:

Accommodate students with disabilities.

Target group

The BeAble program is aimed at students with…

  • Physical impairments

  • Mental impairments

  • Chronic illnesses

  • Reading or writing difficulties

  • Learning disabilities

  • Temporary impairments (e.g. a broken arm)

Program Information

On the following pages you will find all relevant information about the BeAble program:

Points of contact for other challenges

In case you are facing a challenge - such as difficulties in organizing yourself or language issues - that cannot be backed up by a medical or psychological certificate and you thus do not qualify for the BeAble program, you can contact other programs for assistance:

  • If you are currently in the first or second semester of your studies at WU and have problems finding your way through the daily routine of studying and its organization, the Study Information Team is a possible point of contact for you.

  • If you are facing a personal challenge – like emotional overwhelm or stress - but do not qualify for the BeAble program, you can get support from Student Counselling Program, which offers group activities and one-to-one coaching.

Is this the right program?

If you are not sure whether you belong to the target group of the BeAble program, please contact our team by e-mail to clarify your situation.