marketmind Best Thesis Award 2022


Congrats to this year’s award winner Alena Rosmanit, and the two runner-ups Johannes Fladenhofer and Johanna Resch. The award honors the best three theses of the cohort in terms of novelty, practical impact, and academic rigor. The research papers address practically relevant questions in donation management, online ad performance, and locavorism as an emergent consumer ideology. Our special thanks goes to marketmind for sponsoring the price money of 1.000 € (winner) and 400 € (runner-ups).

The finalists in more detail: 

  • Alena Rosmanit: “’Thank you for your donation!’ How donation feedback and psychological distance can influence future donation behaviour” (supervisors: Güntürkün and Nils Wlömert)

  • Johannes Fladenhofer: “The effect of restricted user tracking on online advertising performance” (supervisor: Nadia Abou Nabout)

  • Johanna Resch “Locavorism on the rise” (supervisors: John Price and Bernadette Kamleitner)

Congrats again to the winners and thanks to marketmind for this cooperation.

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