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Student Guide: English-Taught Bachelor's Programs

WU currently offers one Bachelor's program taught in English: Business and Economics.

General Information

Courses and Exams

  • Types of courses

  • Exams

  • Plagiarism etc.

Your Curriculum

  • When to take which course?

  • The curriculum is your guide.

Minimum Academic Performance

You need:

  • at least 16 ECTS credits

  • in the first four semesters

Study Abroad

  • Exchange semester

  • International Short Program

  • Scholarships

  • 240 partner universities

Credit Transfer

Transfer credits from

  • school

  • other studies

  • Austria or abroad

Grants and Scholarships

  • Merit-based scholarhips

  • Mobility grants

  • Other scholarships

Internship Seminar

In BBE you can do an internship as part of your studies (optional).

Learning Through Engagement - Service Learning

Provide a service for the community while at the same time learning important academic, methodological, and social skills.

Bachelor's Thesis

  • Guidelines

  • Creating a thesis supervision statement

  • Submitting your thesis

  • Evaluation of your thesis etc.

Completing Your Studies

  • Reporting the completion of your studies

  • Picking up your graduation documents

  • Joining our graduation ceremony

Program-Specific Information