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Leave of Absence

Deadline for Applications

The application and approval process must be completed by the beginning of the first semester of leave.

In the event of an unforeseen and unavoidable occurrence of the reasons 2, 3, 5, and 6 for a leave of absence mentioned below, a leave of absence can also be applied for during the semester. Important: Reimbursement of tuition fees is only possible if the application for leave of absence has been submitted by november 30th for the winter semester and by April 30th for the summer semester.

Admissible Grounds for a Leave of Absence

Pursuant to § 29 of the WU By-Laws, students may apply for a leave of absence (application form) under the following conditions:

  1. Compulsory military Service (including trainee/Ausbildungsdienst) or community service (please present conscription notification)

  2. Pregnancy (please present your Mutter-Kind-Pass, the booklet provided to all pregnant women in Austria documenting the required medical checkups)

  3. Child care commitment for your own children (please present the child's/children's birth certificate and registration confirmation [Meldezettel] for you and the child/children)

  4. Semester abroad as a free mover (please present confirmation from the foreign university)

  5. Extended illness (Medical confirmation form)

  6. Care of relatives (Proof of relationship and medical confirmation form)

  7. Voluntary social year (Confirmation of supportive organisation)



Please send the completed and signed form together with the required proof  and a copy of your ID card from your WU-mail address (hmatrikelnr@wu.ac.at - for example h01234567@wu.ac.at) to studienzulassung@wu.ac.at.

Documents issued in foreign languages must comply with the appropriate regulations with regard to translation and legalization.

Enrollment Status During a Leave of Absence

During a leave of absence, you remain enrolled and your enrollment status is set to "leave of absence". You remain subject to the same curriculum.

Any academic achievements completed during the semester (especially any courses and examinations passed) before the leave of absence remain valid.

You may not participate in courses, take exams, submit academic theses, or receive evaluations of academic theses during a leave of absence (§ 67 (2) Universities Act 2002 [Universitätsgesetz]).

Tuition Fees During a Leave of Absence

You still need to pay your Students' Union (ÖH) dues, because ÖH membership is compulsory even for students on a leave of absence.