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Unit-specific personnel development advisory services

In ad­di­tion to our ser­vices for em­ploy­ees with man­age­ment re­spons­ib­il­it­ies (e.g. coach­ing ser­vices, train­ing pro­grams), we also sup­port the heads of WU’s or­gan­iz­a­tional units with per­son­nel devel­op­ment ser­vices tar­geted at entire units or teams.

In the fol­low­ing para­graphs, we would like to

  1. give some examples to il­lus­trate typ­ical scen­arios and ob­ject­ives for per­son­nel devel­op­ment ad­vis­ory ser­vices,

  2. briefly present some of the per­son­nel devel­op­ment in­stru­ments avail­able and their spe­cial ad­vant­ages,

  3. il­lus­trate the pro­ced­ures in­volved in per­son­nel devel­op­ment ad­vis­ory ser­vices,

  4. provide in­form­a­tion on the fin­an­cial aspects.

1) Typ­ical scen­arios for PD ad­vis­ory ser­vices (when? why?)

2) Possible PD meas­ures (what?)

3) Typ­ical struc­ture of a PD ad­vis­ory pro­ject (how?)

4) Fin­an­cial aspects (how much?)