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The Aca­demic Cal­ender gives you a de­tailed over­view of the cur­rent aca­demic year. Weeks when classes are in ses­sion, exam and exam prep weeks, and breaks and hol­i­days are in­dic­ated with dif­fer­ent col­ors. The aca­demic year over­view in­dic­ates im­port­ant dead­lines and break peri­ods. The Semester sched­ule shows a de­tailed list of the most im­port­ant re­gis­tra­tion peri­ods and dead­lines in the cur­rent semester.

Course an­nounce­ment – 2018/2019 win­ter semester
Feb­ru­ary 26, 2018Start of the on­line course an­nounce­ment pro­cess
Feb­ru­ary 26, 2018Start of the period for en­ter­ing course in­form­a­tion
March 30, 2018End of the on­line course an­nounce­ment pro­cess
May 28, 2018Re­lease of the con­trol lists and start of dir­ect, open-phase room book­ing
June 26, 2018Ex­pec­ted pub­lic­a­tion date of the on­line course cata­log for the 2018/19 win­ter semester

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