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Course delivery formats

Starting with the winter semester 2023/24, there will be four course delivery formats at WU, which - in short - show whether they are held on-campus and/or online. 

WU sees itself as a campus university with digitally enriched teaching. The different course delivery formats enable a more flexible portfolio of courses, especially with regard to didactic considerations and international cooperations. The four defined formats are intended to create a WU-wide framework for course delivery, which offers students and teachers certainty of expectation. Specific teaching/learning methods, such as lectures, discussions, group activities, etc., remain largely unaffected by the course delivery formats. Likewise, all formats can be digitally enriched, e.g. through tools in the classroom or corresponding learning materials and activities.

When deciding on a course delivery format, the pedagogical profile of the program or program unit (e.g. majors) must be taken into account. Accordingly, as in the past, the final decision on the course delivery format lies with the program (unit) coordinators during the  course announcement. The valid regulations for teaching activities remain unaffected by the course delivery formats.

The four basic course delivery formats at WU

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Generally, course delivery formats are defined at the course level and clearly marked in the online course catalog (both at the course level and for individual course units).

The course delivery formats refer to the concrete delivery of the course, therefore the main reference point is the scheduled contact hours (1 SSt = 11.25 contact hours). The workload for students (ECTS credits) and teachers (credit hours) remain regulated as before, e.g. in WU By-Laws and curricula.

In case of mixed formats or ambiguity about the best choice of the course delivery format, it is recommended to choose the format that most suits the particular expectations of students and their mode of participation.

The four basic formats of exam delivery at WU

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The format of the exam delivery must also be specified during the course announcement process (e.g. in order to obtain the appropriate infrastructure). The format is specified at the respective course date in the online course catalogue (except for asynchronous online exams, here the time frame can only be described in the syllabus for technical reasons).