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Data based research

Data based research - for example, using administrative registers or microdata from other sources - represents enormous potential for socially relevant basic research.

New legal provisions have made research on register data possible since 2022. In this context, the establishment of the Austrian Micro Data Center (AMDC) at Statistics Austria opens up research opportunities with a new treasure trove of data to be used.

Austrian Micro Data Center (AMDC) at Statistics Austria

Researchers from accredited institutions can apply for access to (pseudonymized) personal and company-related register data at the AMDC for research purposes. The WU has been accredited accordingly, i.e. employees of the Vienna University of Economics and Business can now apply for online access for their research projects. All you need to do is register as an employee of WU.

The Austrian Social Science Data Archiv (AUSSDA)

AUSSDA is a data infrastructure for the social science community in Austria and offers research support services, in particular data archiving and assistance with data re-use. Social science data thus becomes accessible and reusable, for science and society.

National funding programs for data based research

Data:Research:Austria (ÖAW) (max. € 350.000,-)

Funding is provided for projects at Austrian research institutions that develop existing data (from surveys, complete surveys, registers, panels of official statistics, administrative data, etc.) for extended empirical-quantitative applications and questions in the field of social science research; preferably data inventories of the AMDC, but also data inventories that can be used in this context, e.g. of the AUSSDA or other institutions (ASEP, EOSC, ...).

Empirical Social Sciences (WWTF) - Pilot Call 2022 (max. € 600.000,-)

The WWTF Pilotcall with the topic "Research with Quantitative Data" in the thematic area of Empirical Social Sciences was aimed at researchers from universities and non-university research institutions who want to conduct a research project (duration: 2 to 4 years) on the basis of large data sets on socially relevant issues.

WU-internal project funding that enables data acquisition

Small scale Projects by WU junior faculty (max. 8.000,-) - only for PreDocs

WU Projects (max. 25.000,-) - only for PostDocs