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Equality and Inclusion


For the final presentation of our Praxisdialog series this winter semester, we were able to welcome Procter & Gamble with Astrid Schweiger, Head of Sales for Paper Products P&G Austria and Sam Latif, P&G Global Accessibility Manager.

Ms. Latif shared with us her professional path as a blind woman and the concrete restrictions that people are confronted with in professional life and also as consumers. Today she brings her valuable experience to P&G in the development of products, barrier-free shopping and the design of the working environment. Ms. Schweiger presented the first barrier-free product innovations in Austria that concretely implement the goal of inclusion. In the final discussion round, the first ideas for cooperation between BeAble - the EU internal group for students with disabilities - and P&G were also discussed.

On behalf of our students and BeAble, we say thank you for the very impressive and touching lecture!

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[Translate to English:] Sam Latif beim Einkauf in einem Supermarkt mit Hilfe einer digitalen, akustischen Produkterkennung

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[Translate to English:] Astrid Schweiger (Procter & Gamble) 2. v.l., Antonia Hirschvogel (BeAble WU) 3. v.l., mit Christina Holweg und Cordula Cerha

[Translate to English:] Astrid Schweiger

[Translate to English:] Die ersten barrierefreien Produktinnovationen von P&G in Österreich

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[Translate to English:] Weitere barrierefreie Produktinnovationen von P&G

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