5 reasons to study BBE
International program
Global perspective
Strong community
Variety of specializations
Multi-disciplinary approach
"I love the international environment."

Andi from Austria applied for the BBE because of its international outlook and environment. The program looks closely at what makes the economy tick, not just in one specific country, and gives him the skills to study and work anywhere in the world.

"Vienna, a city famous for arts and music."

Ivona transferred to WU from another university because of the practically oriented specializations and the outstanding academic environment WU has to offer. At WU, she enjoys a dynamic student life. Ivona is thrilled to live in Vienna, one of Europe’s foremost centers of culture and entrepreneurship.

The bachelor’s program

After gaining solid foundations in business and economics, including social and legal perspectives, you will apply them to practice in various projects. A broad variety of specializations and free electives will open up a wealth of exciting opportunities. Create your own profile by customizing your program to reflect your own interests.

From day one, you will be working closely together with your peers in an interactive setting. Group projects, discussions, and presentations will strengthen your interpersonal and communication skills.

A lot of BBE students also go abroad for a semester to broaden their horizons. Selected students also have the opportunity to add a year in Australia to their bachelor’s program and earn a double degree from the Queensland University of Technology.

Program duration
6 semesters
Program type
Full-time degree program
Teaching language
ECTS Credits
  1. Admission

    Your aim is to work in an international environment someday, and you are ready to go the extra mile? Then apply now.

    Please make sure you fulfill all admission criteria and comply with all deadlines. A selection procedure is held once a year in the spring. Applicants who successfully pass the entrance exam can enroll in the following winter semester. For detailed information, please check out our application guide.

  2. Program structure and content
    Introductory Phase
    Foundations of Business and Economics
    Quantitative Methods
    Business and Economics in Context
    Academic Skills
    Free Electives/Internship
    Bachelor’s Thesis
    Study Abroad Opportunities (Optional)
    Optional double degree (program duration +2 semesters)
  3. Bachelor of Science, BSc (WU)

    As a BBE graduate, you will be welcome in many professional fields and positions, such as international companies and organizations, consultancies, and start-ups.

    You will also have the ideal qualifications for international master’s programs.

Make your way

international students
partner universities worldwide
business, economics, and law specializations
Experiencing Campus WU

Campus WU is an excellent place to study. Students benefit from the campus’ cutting-edge technology and spectacular architectural setting while enjoying a lively urban space with many restaurants, cafés, and recreational facilities.

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Vienna, where classic meets contemporary

Vienna is known as the world’s most livable city. As the second largest German-speaking city, it’s a pulsating metropolis with a laid-back vibe, where tradition and modernity meet and blend into a perfect whole.

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Julia Zeilinger
Program Coordinator

Ask us

Hi, I’m Julia. I’m here to help you on your way to becoming a BBE student. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to reach out using the online contact form or by email to studieninfo@wu.ac.at.