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WU supports members of the WU community affected by Ukraine war


The Vienna University of Economics and Business considers itself an open-minded, international university. It is a place of global exchange and a place where teachers and students work together. In these difficult times of warlike actions, these interactions are also at risk. For this reason, WU is offering support to affected students, staff, and researchers in various ways. As a public sign of solidarity, the Library & Learning Center on Campus WU will be illuminated in the national colors of Ukraine.

WU Rector Edeltraud Hanappi-Egger says, “The shocking news about acts of war in Europe leave us stunned and we condemn these military attacks in the strongest possible terms. Our thoughts are with the members of the WU community and their families who are now directly affected by the war. We are working hard to keep the lines of communication open and to do everything in our power to support them.”

[Translate to English:] LC Gebäude strahlt in den Nationalfarben der Ukraine

Support services for students and researchers

In addition to waiving tuition, WU makes it possible for students to take a leave of absence for the current summer semester. Because WU’s academic programs require full attendance, students who, for example, are no longer able to leave Ukraine, will be offered alternative services on an individual basis. In addition, psychological counselling services will be available as part of WU’s Student Counselling program. All other WU students can also take advantage of this offer if they are under severe stress due to the current situation. Employees in teaching, research, and administration are also entitled to support services if needed. WU is also involved in the Scholars at Risk network. As part of this network, WU is available as a host university to scholars who are no longer able to continue their research in their home countries

Contact with partner universities and networks

Together with its partner universities within the European University Initiative Engage.EU, WU has taken a public stand. It is also in contact with partner universities affected by the war or by international sanctions, including universities in Russia. It supports the open letter issued by Russian academics who are protesting Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and speaking out publicly, regardless of possible consequences. As a highly visible sign of support for Ukraine, the Library and Learning Center on Campus WU will soon be shining in Ukraine’s national colors. “In doing so, we are also showing our support for those who courageously raise their voices in protest, at great personal risk, and who are being subjected to massive repression as a result," the Rector concluded.


LC in national colours of Ukraine (c)WU/Pascal Riesinger
LC in national colours of Ukraine (c)WU/Pascal Riesinger
Library & Learning Center in blue and yellow (c)WU/Pascal Riesinger
Library & Learning Center in blue and yellow (c)WU/Pascal Riesinger
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