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WU Student Panel Monitoring

Project description

The project "WU Student Panel Monitoring" delivers comprehensive survey data on students’ experiences and needs at different phases (beginning, end, etc.) of their studies at WU. The panel design of the survey enables a longitudinal analysis of the data and thus more insight into the student life cycle.

Provided that a sufficient number of students complete the surveys, reports detailing the results will be generated for each bachelor’s and master’s program. These program-specific reports are provided to the program directors via the program cockpit.

In the bachelor’s programs, surveys are conducted at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end of the program. On the master’s program level, only two surveys are held, one at the beginning and one at the end. Additionally, a survey of bachelor’s and master’s graduates three to five years after graduation is held every two years. This provides us with a retrospective view on their time at WU and the quality of their education in context of their labor market experiences.

All surveys are conducted online using a survey tool on WU's LMS. This results in a very high response rate (30 to 95 percent).

Using an anonymous and time-stable key allows us to perform longitudinal analyses of student cohorts, especially with regard to their experiences on the labor market and their satisfaction with WU services. This regular feedback supports WU's quality assurance efforts and helps improve the students’ academic experience.


All reports are written in German and can be downloaded from the German version of this webpage.