Blick in das LC Gebäude

First Practitioner Talk by Michael Mündle & Kaspar Semerl/Adverity


Last Wednesday at WU (Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien), we kicked off the Practitioner Seminar Series with a talk featuring Michael Mündle and Kaspar Semerl from Adverity.

In the first theoretical part, Michael delved into the marketing industry drivers catalyzing changes, highlighting the escalating importance of data. He explained the current demand for data-driven decision-making and pinpointed the challenges that modern marketers face, which are also directly connected to data.

Shifting to a more practical approach, Kaspar presented Adverity's role in overcoming these challenges. He outlined how Adverity enables organizations to connect, manage, and leverage their data at scale. Kaspar also provided a hands-on demonstration of the platform through a comprehensive dashboard.

A big thanks to Michael and Kaspar for sharing their insightful knowledge with us!

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