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WU Awards 2021 - Acquisition of Third-Party Funding


These research projects carried out by WU researchers have been awarded third-party funding after undergoing rigorous international peer review.

Award Winners:

Material flows around the globe (MF- GLOBE)
Austrian Science Fund (FWF)
Martin Bruckner
Stefan Giljum
Zully Rosadio Cayllahua
Hanspeter Wieland

Transition risks management in monetary policy and financial regulation and growth regime stability
Anniversary Fund of the Oesterreichische Nationalbank (OeNB)
Louison Cahen-Fourot

Platform Cleaners: Potentiale und Risiken plattform-basierter Arbeit von Reinigungskräften in Deutschland
Hans Böckler Stiftung
Katarzyna Gruszka
Anna Pillinger
Hendrik Theine

BIO - CLIMAPATHS – Assessing climate-led social-ecological impacts and opportunities for resilient pathways in the EU bioeconomy
Irene Monasterolo
Elisabeth Marie Louise de Schutter

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