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New article on climate policy by Reinhard Mechler in Journal "Nature Climate Change"

The article on Cli­mate policy: Trans­par­ency for Loss and Dam­age has been pub­lishes in the Journal Nature Cli­mate Change on 25 Septem­ber 2017.

Re­in­hard Mechler is a Senior Re­searcher and Guest Pro­fessor at the In­sti­tute for Eco­lo­gical Eco­nom­ics in the Re­search Area Cli­mate Eco­nom­ics and Fin­ance.


Loss and Dam­age (L&D) has been gain­ing trac­tion since the Paris Agree­ment took the is­sue on as a sep­ar­ate article, ar­gu­ably cre­at­ing a third pil­lar of in­ter­na­tional cli­mate policy. De­bate so far has led to vague defin­i­tions of the remit of the L&D mech­an­ism; re­search on actor per­spect­ives may help to pro­pel this dis­course for­ward.

Link to the article:­mate/journal/v7/n10/full/ncli­mate3401.html


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