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Call for EU Parliament to uphold CO2 reductions proposal in Le Monde commentary


In an open letter in Le Monde, Armon Rezai along with 25 other activists and academics specializing in economics and climate policies, calls for MEPs not to distort the EU Commission’s CO2 emission reduction proposals that will be put to a vote on June 7 and 8. Currently, emissions are separated into two categories. The first concerns large industrial plants (40% of total emissions), which are subject to the European Trading Scheme (ETS), whose emissions are verified and capped. The second category includes all other CO2 emissions, which are not currently subject to any binding cap.The European Commission proposes to cap most of these other emissions through a second emissions permit market, ETS2, the centrepiece of the Green Deal.  While the amendments by the European Parliament's Environment Committee would increase the emission reductions of the existing ETS and extend it to new sectors (air and maritime transport, and waste), they would also strip ETS2 of its substance.


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