Thesis Topics SS 2020


We have now published the new thesis topics for the summer semester on

If you are interested in writing a thesis with us, you need to express
your interest by sending an email to mentioning
the topics you are interested in plus a paragraph explaining what
potentially qualifies you for this topic. As attachment, include a
single PDF file with the file name
„<student-ID>_<family-name>_<topic-no>.PDF", which contains both a CV
and recent Sammelzeugnis. Note that it is allowed to express interest
for more than one topic (as a list ordered by preference), but in such
cases a separate motivation paragraph for each topic needs to be
provided. Deadline for expression of interest is 17 April 2020.

Students will be assigned to topics based on their interest and their
prior knowledge in relevant areas. This will be handled at the kickoff
event, taking place on TUE 21 April 2020 from 5pm to 7pm in EA.6.032.
NOTE: If the university remains closed due to coronavirus, the kickoff
event will take place online. You will be informed in advance.

UPDATE: As the universities are still closed, your supervisor will inform you by email.

This will be the singular opportunity to sign up for a thesis topic in
the summer semester. Note that we will only offer new thesis supervision
in October 2020.

All students must familiarize themselves with the latest regulations of
writing a thesis with our institute summarized at

We are looking forward to supervising you!

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