Current Thesis Topics

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SS 2020

1. Visualizing Open Data in Virtual and Augmented Reality - Supervisor: Mitlöhner

2. A tool for multi-range multi-dimensional filtering of event logs -Supervisor: Bala, Mendling

3. What is the “validation of prior learning” and how is it implemented? - Supervisor: Fahrenbach

4. Declarative process discovery in CMMN notation - Supervisor: Cecconi

Supervisor: Cecconi

5. A method for defining the context for business process​​predictive monitoring - Supervisor: Kate Revoredo

Supervisor: Kate Revoredo

6. Performance measures based on the process data - Supervisor: Bayomie

7. Digital Platforms and Ecosystems - Supervisor: Wurm

8. New Forms of Organizing: Holacracy - Supervisor Wurm

9. Are we getting mad? How we talk about the Corona Virus on Social Media - Supervisor: Wurm

10. Connecting Business Process, Business Model, and Product Innovation Supervisor: Wurm

11. Exploring process evolution with visualizations. Supervisor: Anton Yeshchenko

12. Enhanced Process Mining with improved visualizations for process discovery. Supervisor: Anton Yeshchenko

13. Knowledge Graphs in Manufacturing Applications - Supervisor: Elmar Kiesling

14. Propagation and Mediation of Resource Allocation Constraints in Multi-level Organizations - Supervisor: Giray Havur

15. Analyzing the structure of openly available Knowledge Graphs in order to assess requirements for the provision of publis SPARQL query interfaces - Supervisor: Polleres, Azzam

16. Combining Process Mining and Robotic Process Automation Supervisor: Bastian Wurm

17. Enterprise-wide use of Process Mining - Supervisor: Bastian Wurm

18. Combining traditional and emerging approaches for an end-to-end process automation Supervisor: Maxim Vidgof

19. Comparing literature with real-life RPA implementations Supervisor: Maxim Vidgof

20. Decentralized Knowledge Graph Query Processing. A Survey or Experiments on P2P techniques for decentralized SPARQL query processing Supervisor: Polleres, Azzam

21. Detection of granularity and completeness of geographical entities in datasets Supervisor: Sebastian Neumaier, Axel Polleres

22. Link data publishers and Knowledge Graphs Supervisor: Neumaier, Polleres

23. Forecasting software trends from digital trace data - Supervisor: Johannes Wachs

NEW 24. Semantic representation in Industry 4.0 - Elmar Kiesling

NEW: 25. A review of threat intelligence sharing standards in information security management- Elmar Kiesling

NEW: 26. Knowledge Graphs in IT Asset Management - Kiesling

NEW: 27. Graph embeddings for temporal data - Kiesling