Current Thesis Topics

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WS 2019

1. Enhanced Process Mining with improved visualizations for process discovery.

Supervisor: Anton Yeshchenko

2. Routines and Business Processes in Start-ups

Supervisor: Bastian Wurm

3. New Methods for old Problems: Applying Process Mining Techniques on Routines Data

Supervisor: Bastian Wurm

4. New Forms of Organizing: Holacracy

Supervisor: Bastian Wurm

5. From Process to Business Model Innovation and back

Supervisor: Bastian Wurm

6. Digital Platforms and Ecosystems

Supervisor: Bastian Wurm

7. The Role of In-house Incubators on Digital Entrepreneurship

Supervisor: Bastian Wurm

8. Declarative process discovery in CMMN notation

Supervisor: Cecconi

9. Defining the Characteristics of Business Process Innovation

Supervisor: Steven Groß

10. The Role of Context in Business Process Innovation

Supervisor: Steven Groß

11. Digitalization of Safety-critical Processes - Master Thesis

Supervisor: Nikoo Roozbeh

12. A Knowledge Graph for Political Data

Supervisor: Neumaier

13. Towards a transparent and smart WU

Supervisor: Neumaier

14. Visualizing Open Data in Virtual and Augmented Reality

Supervisor: Mitlöhner

15. Process Discovery from project management platforms

Supervisor: Mendling

16. Deanonymizing Court Decisions

Supervisor:Erwin Filtz

17. Using decision aids as debiasing tool

Supervisor: Djordje Djurica

18. Supporting the Extraction of Decision Logic from Legislative Documents through Natural Language Processing

Supervisor: Djordje Djurica

19. “This is the best thing ever! You have to buy it!“ The impact of influencer’s recommendations on consumer’s choice in a digital environment

Supervisor: Djordje Djurica

20. Process performance measures based on the process data

Supervisor: Bayomie

21. Trends in software artifacts evolution. When will this development task be complete?

Supervisor: Saimir Bala / Jan Mendling

22. Investigating Holacracy. The role of IT on organizational inertia.

Supervisor: Saimir Bala / Jan Mendling

23. On the coordination of teams in open source software development

Supervisor: Saimir Bala / Jan Mendling

24. Trends in Knowledge Management Research: A Meta-Analysis of Leading KM Journals and Conferences

Supervisor: Florian Kragulj

25. Exploring individual and organizational collaboration – A Rapid Structured Literature Review

Supervisor: Alexander Kaiser