Guest Talk "Quantum Computing: A Brief Introduction"


Frank Leymann and Johanna Barzen

Date/Time: 23.10.2019, 13.00 

Location: D2.2.094 


Quantum computers are becoming reality. But which potential is hidden in this new technology and where do we stand today? We start with a short introduction to the underlying concepts of quantum physics, such as uncertainty and superposition, and then introduce qubits, the role of measurements, and the basic structure of a quantum algorithm. How does a quantum register look like and which role does entanglement play? What are the operators for manipulating quantum registers and what is decoherence of qubits? Answers to such basic questions will be presented and discussed in the talk. Finally, the possible medium-term use of quantum computers will be presented and an outlook on a use case from the digital humanities will be given.

Note: The talk assumes background knowledge in linear algebra. 


Frank Leymann is a full professor of computer science at University of Stuttgart, Germany. His research interests include service-oriented architectures and associated middleware, workflow- and business process management, cloud computing and associated systems management aspects, and patterns. Frank is co-author of more than 400 peer-reviewed papers, about 70 patents, and several industry standards. He is elected member of the Academy of Europe.

Johanna Barzen studied media science, musicology and phonetics at the University of Cologne. Next to this, she studied costume design at the ifs (international film school Cologne) and worked in several film productions in the costume department in different roles. Currently she is Postdoc and research staff member at the Institute of Architecture of Application Systems (IAAS) at the University Stuttgart performing research on Digital humanities, Pattern Languages and Quantum Computing.

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