Guest Talk "Knowledge Graph Generation"


Anastasia Dimou 

Date/Time: Feb 03, 2022; 10:00 am

Location: D2.2.094 (+Zoom)


Prof. Anastasia Dimou is a tenure-track assistant professor in cost- and data-efficient Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence at DTAI of KULeuven. From 2013 until 2021 she led at IDLab of imec-Gent University the research on knowledge graphs for data integration, focused on Knowledge Graphs and their: (i) representation, scalable production and quality assessment, (ii) production-consumption trade offs, workflows and provenance, and (iii) access control and privacy compliance. She recently moved to KULeuven where she continues the same line of research but more focused on combining and facilitating decentralised machine learning with knowledge graphs. Before, she obtained her Computer Science Bachelor and Master on Web Science in Greece, and her Master on e-Governement technologies in Italy. She received the distinguished dissertation award in 2018 for her PhD thesis by the Semantic Web Science Association (SWSA). Prof Dimou chairs the W3C Community Group on Knowledge Graph Construction with more than 130 members from academia and industry all over the world.

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