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Q1. Do I need to be present in Vienna to attend the DIBT program or can it be completed online?

Q2. I work full time in my country of origin, but I am very interested in applying for DIBT. Can I complete any of the courses online or at weekends?

Q3. I do not speak any German but I'm fluent in English. Am I eligible?

Q4. My previous studies have been in English. Do I still need to submit a certificate of proficiency in English?

Q5. When does the academic year start?

Q6. Which documents are required to submit an application?

Q7. Where do I submit my application?

Q8. Can I submit my application before completing my master’s degree?

Q9. I have a master’s degree in “X”, can you please confirm if I am eligible to apply?

Q10. Where should the reference letters be sent to?

Q11. When is the deadline to submit my application?

Q12. How much is the tuition fee for the DIBT program?

Q13. I read on your website that you have some scholarships available. What do I need to do to apply for a scholarship?

Q14. On the application form it says that I need to submit an outline of a potential thesis topic. Is there any special format I should use?

Q15. Is there a list of DIBT research areas which I can choose from?