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think:impact Join the minds that shape the future

Do you want to understand contexts and make a meaningful impact? We offer an environment where you can realize your full potential. At one of Europe’s largest and most modern universities for business…

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Team of the month 07/23: The career counseling team at the WU ZBP Career Center

What am I good at, who am I, and what do I want? These are key questions for anyone, but they become especially important when starting a career. Last year, the WU ZBP Career Center’s career…

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Team of the month 06/23: Entrepreneurship Center

Since 2015, the WU Entrepreneurship Center team, headed by Rudolf Dömötör, has been the first point of contact that WU students and employees can turn to for all things entrepreneurship. The…

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Team of the Month 02/23: Digital and interactive Equal Opportunities Report

Which WU department has the highest percentage of female professors? How are the gender ratios among students and graduates developing? What is the percentage of men among administrative staff? …

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Team of the month 11/22: PURE

The digital transformation in the field of research information and documentation has prompted WU to introduce the research information system PURE. PURE was launched in August 2022 as a new,…

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Team of the Month 06/22: Project Management Manual

In recent years, the number and scope of projects carried out at WU has risen sharply. And this trend will continue. For this reason, a working group consisting of Christine Albrecht, Dalibor Babic,…

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Team of the Month 03/22: WU’s Security Incident Response Team

It’s winter 2019, and thousands of students and employees are standing in seemingly endless lines in front of Justus Liebig University Giessen. They are all waiting to receive new login data so they…

team of WACA certification process

Team of the Month 11/2021: Accessible Website

WU Vienna is the first university in Austria whose main website has been awarded the official, independent Web Accessibility Certificate Austria (WACA) in bronze, thanks to a cross-departmental team…

Team of the Month "Austrian Supervisory Board Day"

Team of the Month 09/2021: The Austrian Supervisory Board Day

The Austrian Supervisory Board Day was held at WU for the 11th time on July 5, 2021. In recent years, this conference has become a well-known and popular event among practitioners and politicians as…

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Team of the Month 06/2021: The University Library and COVID-19

The University Library team started preparing to adapt the library’s services to the requirements of the COVID-19 pandemic already in February 2020.

About Team of the month

Research and teaching are the key areas of a university’s work, and the most visible. However, the work of the administrative staff is also very important for making sure that a university can operate smoothly and successfully. The members of our administrative staff may not be as highly visible as our researchers, but it’s their commitment that provides our researchers and teaching staff with crucial services like a powerful IT infrastructure, state-of-the-art library services, effective support services for faculty and researchers, tailor-made in-house training programs, or personal support in running the day-to-day operations of an institute – all of this requires careful planning and organization.

To bring some of these people into the spotlight, we are naming a Team of the Month 6 times a year to introduce selected members of the administrative personnel and reward them for their important achievements in specific projects.

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