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Team of the Month 03/2021: The WU Executive Academy’s interactive hybrid classrooms team

Wednesday, March 11, 2020. Four days before the first lockdown came into effect, it was clear: Things had to happen fast. Not only did the entire WU Executive Academy team have to be shifted to…

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Team of the month 01/2021: New spaces, new rooms – and a great team!

In early December 2020, the largest project for expanding WU’s premises since the move to the new campus in 2013 came to a successful close. This intense 2-year project started with an analysis of how…

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Team of the Month 12/2020: The WU cost-performance accounting team

Universities are required to set up a new cost-performance accounting system: The Austrian government passed a new ordinance on cost-performance accounting at universities that entered into effect on…

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Team of the month 09/2020: The Teams Team

Wednesday, March 11, 2020 – 2 days before the start of the lockdown: Students have already become familiar with distance learning, and it is becoming clear that most employees will soon be working…

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Team of the month 06/2020: Online WU Master’s Day

The process of digital transformation has now brought about major changes in one of WU’s most important information events – and it was our June 2020 Team of the Month that successfully organized and…

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Team of the month 04/2020: Audit Hochschule und Familie

Ensuring the right balance between family/private life on the one hand and professional responsibilities or academic studies on the other is an important priority for universities, but it can also be…

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Team of the Month 02/2020: Admissions Team

Starting work at 6:00am, walking 20 km in one day, and working for 10 hours straight: this isn’t a hospital shift we’re talking about, but WU’s entrance exam days for the bachelor’s programs, which…

About Team of the month

Research and teaching are the key areas of a university’s work, and the most visible. However, the work of the administrative staff is also very important for making sure that a university can operate smoothly and successfully. The members of our administrative staff may not be as highly visible as our researchers, but it’s their commitment that provides our researchers and teaching staff with crucial services like a powerful IT infrastructure, state-of-the-art library services, effective support services for faculty and researchers, tailor-made in-house training programs, or personal support in running the day-to-day operations of an institute – all of this requires careful planning and organization.

To bring some of these people into the spotlight, we are naming a Team of the Month 6 times a year to introduce selected members of the administrative personnel and reward them for their important achievements in specific projects.

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