Team of the Month 02/23: Digital and interactive Equal Opportunities Report


Which WU department has the highest percentage of female professors? How are the gender ratios among students and graduates developing? What is the percentage of men among administrative staff? These and other questions can be answered with the Equal Opportunities Report. The annual monitoring shows the proportions of persons in the categories men, women, diverse - and their developments - in selected areas of WU at the various career levels and also in the degree program.

Equal Opportunities Report awarded Diversitas Prize 2022

The digital and interactive Equal Opportunities Report 2022 was awarded the EUR 25,000 Diversitas Diversity Management Prize by the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research. The prize has been awarded every 2 years since 2016 to Austrian higher education and research institutions for outstanding, innovative achievements in the field of higher education management.

Equal Opportunities Report 2021

With the digital and interactive Gender Monitoring, gender-related university data is made visible, accessible and also comparable in a previously unavailable depth. Users can compile data according to their individual information needs and adapt the evaluations to their own interests. The report was developed in a cross-departmental process, from data preparation and the development of the Power BI program to data visualization. The team included the following employees (in alphabetical order): Rainer Baier (Business Education), Andrea Junker (Personnel Office), Martina Köscher (Rector's Office), Florian Kreuz (IT-SERVICES) Maria Kutzelnig (Rector's Office), Frederik Lange and Sonja Lydtin (Rector's Office, Gender & Diversity Policy), Stefan Schleifer (IT-SERVICES).

What is new?

"Ideally, the digital Equal Opportunities Report should contribute to making not only the need for action in equality policy more visible, but also making successes in equality work more visible - and to learning from each other," says Sonja Lydtin, Gender & Diversity Policy and project manager.

Maria Kutzelnig, Rector's Office: "What's also new is that we can link the data interactively in different ways and to compare them better, especially with regard to development over time. With just a few clicks, information on gender ratios can be accessed, for example, in the personnel category "assistant professor post-doc", at WU level, in the individual organizational units and on the development over time."

Did you know, for example, that... 2021 the share of women in doctoral/PhD degrees increased by almost ten percentage points to about 51% compared to the previous year? the level of professors, the proportion of women reached a new high of 31% in 2021?

...the proportion of men among administrative staff remained constant at 31-33% from 2015-2021?

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