WU welcomes more new faculty members


WU welcomed 3 new professors earlier this month, and the next 3 are slated to start in mid-September.

Viktoria H.S.E Robertson

Professor Viktoria H.S.E. Robertson, Department of Private Law

Viktoria H.S.E. Robertson (35) studied law in Graz, Oxford, and Zaragoza. After graduating with a doctoral degree in 2012, she worked at the University of Graz, first as an assistant professor and after 2019 as an associate professor. She earned her venia docendi in 2019 with a recently published work on antitrust law entitled “Competition Law’s Innovation Factor: The Relevant Market in Dynamic Contexts in the EU and the US.” In recent years, she has been a visiting academic with the Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law in Hamburg, the European University Institute in Florence, and Stanford Law School, as well as at Oxford University’s Centre for Competition Law and Policy (CCLP). She took up her new position at WU as professor of corporate law with a focus on digitalization on September 15. “At WU, I plan to focus intensively on digital issues in antitrust law, such as the fascinating question of social networks’ and other digital platforms’ antitrust responsibilities when dealing with extensive amounts of user data,” says Viktoria Robertson.

[Translate to English:] Christina Schamp

Professor Christina Schamp, Department of Marketing

Christina Schamp (37) studied business administration at the University of St. Gallen and social psychology at the London School of Economics, then worked as a business consultant with McKinsey & Company in Munich and Berlin. She earned her doctorate from the University of Hamburg in 2018, with a dissertation on “Ethicality in the Marketplace.” After graduation, she worked as a junior professor of empirical research methods at the University of Mannheim. Her research focuses mainly on consumer decision-making in the context of social change, for example consumers’ growing ethical awareness or the increasing impact of social media. “In my research at WU, I will be investigating the interface between technological trends and ethical and moral issues, which will be gaining in importance on many levels in the future, both for companies and for society in general,” says Christina Schamp. She took up her post as a professor at the Department of Marketing in early September.

[Translate to English:] Jens Seiffert-Brockmann

Professor Jens Seiffert-Brockmann, Department of Foreign Language Business Communication

Jens Seiffert-Brockmann (38) has degrees in media studies and political science from Leipzig University and Charles University in Prague. After completing his doctoral studies with a dissertation on trust in the media at Leipzig University in 2014, he completed a research semester at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia (USA). He is also co-editor of the Austrian Society of Communication’s MedienJournal – Zeitschrift für Medien- und Kommunikationsforschung. Before coming to WU as a professor for business communication with a focus on media and communication studies, he worked as an assistant professor of public relations research at the University of Vienna since 2015. Jens Seiffert-Brockmann has big plans for his time at WU: “At WU, I will be focusing mainly on strategic communication, (internet) memes, gamification and computer games in organizational communications, and topic management and storytelling in business communication.”

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