WU holds first-ever preparation weekend for entrance exams


To make it easier for students to begin their studies at a university as large as WU, the university provides intensive support.

To make it easier for students to begin their studies at a university as large as WU, the university provides intensive support for prospective students and first-semester students and holds a variety of events to show that size and quality, including individual support, are not mutually exclusive. This year, WU has held its first exam prep weekend for prospective students interested in taking the entrance exam for the Bachelor's Program in Business Law, which will take place on Tuesday, July 12. Over 500 people came to WU last weekend to work on content-related and organizational questions together with WU faculty members.

WU has developed formats and services to provide custom-tailored advice to various target groups with different requirements, levels of knowledge, and types of questions. This includes information for groups of secondary school students and prospective students, intensive coaching for secondary school students planning to enroll at WU, support programs, and Welcome Days for first-semester students.

Reaching out to prospective students

People interested in studying at WU usually have a lot of questions and uncertainties about the selection procedure and entrance exams for WU’s bachelor’s programs.  For this reason, WU invited all prospective students registered for the entrance examination for the Bachelor's Program in Business Law to participate in an exam prep weekend from July 1 to 3, 2022. The prospective students received free study materials to help them prepare for the entrance exam and had the opportunity to discuss content-related and organizational questions with WU faculty members in a relaxed, accessible format.

No need to feel overwhelmed

WU Rector Edeltraud Hanappi-Egger says, “It’s very important to us to make sure that prospective students can turn to WU for support whenever they have questions or are unsure about anything. We don’t want anyone to feel left behind in the selection procedure. The academic directors and the Rector’s Council personally welcome prospective students to WU at an early stage. This is important to ensure that WU is open to everyone interested and, at the same time, helps to keep prospective students from feeling anonymous or overwhelmed and reduces the risk of early dropout.”

WU Professor Martin Spitzer, academic director of the Business Law program and one of the masterminds of the exam prep weekend, points out, “We are pleased to see that over 500 prospective students came to Campus WU on the weekend and used this opportunity to prepare in depth for the law-related parts of the entrance exam under the guidance of many highly dedicated faculty members.” Due to the great success, WU plans to hold an exam prep weekend again next year.

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