Wendy Chapple joins WU's faculty


New professor for international business

In July, Wendy Chapple from the UK joins WU’s International Business faculty, contributing a focus on corporate social responsibility (CSR). WU is pleased to welcome her to the Department of Global Business and Trade.

In 2004, Wendy Chapple (aged 51) received her PhD from Nottingham University Business School (NUBS) in the UK for her thesis entitled “The Impacts and Implications of the Landfill Tax on Waste Generation in the UK.” In 2002, she became co-founder and deputy director of the International Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility (ICCSR) at NUBS. During this time, she was involved in running international workshops (Malaysia, New York, Chicago) and also taught MBA courses in Malaysia and Singapore several times a year. In 2017, she was appointed associate professor in management at NBS and joined the Responsible and Sustainable Business Lab at Nottingham Trent University.

Research focus on international corporate social responsibility

An important part of Wendy Chapple’s research portfolio is the international comparative analysis of corporate responsibility, with various studies focusing on patterns and institutional drivers of corporate responsibility in Asia, OECD countries, and developing countries. “My research interests are partially shaped by my economics background. I have a strong interest in the analysis of CSR across different countries, understanding how national characteristics and institutions shape CSR,” says the new professor. The topic of systems of governance in the context of developing countries is another key element of her research portfolio. In this context, she assesses multilevel governance structures and analyzes how configurations of actors, tools, and norms influence the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Impact, and the measurement and theorization of sustainability impact from a business perspective, also play a key role in her research. Wendy Chapple says, “I got to know WU during a joint research project some time ago and am now really looking forward to working in Vienna. Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility are essential for any international business to thrive. Complex inter-related forces are shaping the future world state of international business, which differ by location, culture, society. These challenges are complex in nature and not easily solved. Current and future international business leaders need develop analytical skills that embrace both the complexity associated sustainability challenges and the associated responsibilities in the decisions made. I am very excited to contribute to the department’s teaching and research in this important area.”

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