Registration period starts for WU’s bachelor’s programs


March 1, 2022, marks the start of the online registration period for WU’s three bachelor’s programs.

In past few years, WU’s degree programs have always met with strong demand, and selection procedures had to be carried out for all three bachelor’s programs. “Over the last few years, we have consistently seen strong demand, which confirms the quality and high visibility of WU’s degree programs. We are looking forward to receiving numerous applications again this year,” says WU Rector Edeltraud Hanappi-Egger. In the academic year 2022/23, 240 student places are available for the English-taught BBE program, 2,703 places are available for the WiSo program, and 870 places are available for the Business Law program.

Phase 1 of the admission procedure

All prospective bachelor’s students are required to register online during the period from March 1 to May 19 (no school leaving certificate is required for the online registration). Applicants are also required to pay a registration fee of €50. Whether a selection procedure has to be held is determined after the end of the registration period. If a selection procedure is carried out, applicants will have to complete the online self-assessment (OSA) test for the program of their choice by May 31. The OSA test is available starting March 1. It is intended to give prospective students a realistic impression of the contents of the program they are interested in and of how the program is organized. It includes questions about the applicants’ expectations and interests, and it also offers exercises that test essential skills required for the program (e.g. reading comprehension in German and English). The applicants will receive feedback on their OSA tests. However, the answers are not graded and have no effect on the selection process for the selected bachelor’s program. In addition to completing the OSA test, applicants interested in the English-taught BBE program also have to upload a motivation statement written in English.

Phase 2 of the admission procedure

If the number of applicants still exceeds the number of available places as of May 31, the second phase of the selection procedure is launched. For the BBE program, an online entrance exam will be held on June 28. This saves international applicants the trouble of having to travel to Vienna. For the WiSo program, an online open-book exam will be held on June 30. For the Bachelor’s Program in Business Law, an in-person entrance exam will be held on Campus WU on July 12. Details on the three entrance exams will be posted on the respective program web pages.

No applications accepted after the deadline

All prospective students interested in starting one of the German-taught programs either in the 2022/23 winter semester or the 2023 summer semester have to register online. This also applies to prospective students who still have to complete their compulsory military service or alternative civilian service and intend to start their bachelor’s program in the 2023 summer semester. For applicants interested in the BBE program, it will only be possible to start the program in the winter semester. Late applications cannot be accepted for any of the programs, and it will not be possible to take the exam at a later date. Everyone admitted to a WU bachelor’s program will receive a voucher worth the cash equivalent of the registration fee.

Timeline for admission to WU bachelor’s programs

March 1–May 19 Online registration (BBE/WiSo/WiRe) + €50 registration fee

If the selection procedure is carried out, phase 1:

By May 31: Completion of online self-assessment test (BBE/WiSo/WiRe) and submission of the motivation statement (BBE only)

If stage 2 is carried out:

June 28: Online entrance exam (BBE)

June 30: Online open-book exam (WiSo)

July 12: In-person entrance exam (WiRe)

Click the following links for further information on the application and admission process for

Business and Economics (BBE)

Business, Economics and Social Sciences (WiSo)

Business Law (WiRe)

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