New professor: distributed ledgers and token economy


Davor Svetinovic joined the Department of Information Systems and Operations Management as a new professor.

Davor Svetinovic was awarded his doctoral degree in computer science by the University of Waterloo in Canada for his doctoral thesis in the field of software engineering in 2006. After graduation, he did his post-doctoral work at TU Vienna and the Lero software engineering center in Ireland. In 2008, he joined the MIT–Masdar Institute initiative as a founding faculty member and contributed to the development of the Masdar Institute and the overall advanced research ecosystem in the United Arab Emirates. Following early success, the Masdar Institute was merged with two other universities to form the Khalifa University, where he continued his work as a professor, further contributing to the growth of blockchain technology research. Davor Svetinovic’s career has furthered his interest and expertise in the development of advanced research capabilities and institutions.

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Research focus: blockchain – cyber trust, security, and privacy

In his research, he addresses the challenging issues in blockchain technology development and the related fields of cyber trust, security, and privacy. Davor Svetinovic says, “In recent years, a variety of platforms have emerged that, thanks to the blockchain technology, provide computation-based trust as opposed to traditional social-mechanisms-based trust. The move towards computation-based trust is creating a number of new and unique social and economic challenges that have to be urgently tackled.” He has published over 85 research works in top journals, and he has authored some of the most-cited blockchain technology research published in IEEE Transactions. His recent work focuses on applying data science, machine learning, and deep learning to gain a deeper understanding of blockchain technology ecosystems. The new professor states, “I am looking forward to making my contribution to WU, one of the strongest business research-focused universities in the European region. Austria, and WU in particular, are already on track towards becoming one of the world’s leading blockchain and cryptoeconomics research and development centers, and it’s my privilege to be able to contribute to and further grow academically in such an environment.” Professor Svetinovic also brings his extensive knowledge of blockchain technologies to bear in his teaching at WU. He adds, “It is critical for me to transfer my technical and research experience to my students so they can become productive researchers and developers.” He started in his new position as professor of distributed ledgers and token economy at WU’s Department of Information Systems and Operations Management on September 1, 2021.

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