WU's new Rectorate has taken office


October 1 marks the beginning of Rupert Sausgruber’s term of office as Rector of WU Vienna.

Rupert Sausgruber has taken over as Rector of WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business) as of October 1. He is a professor of public economics and has been working at WU since 2013. In 2018, he was appointed chair of WU’s Department of Economics. In the coming four years, he will be heading one of Europe’s largest business and economics universities together with his team: Harald Badinger as Vice-Rector for Financial Affairs and Campus Management, Bernadette Kamleitner as Vice-Rector for Research and Third Mission, Margarethe Rammerstorfer as Vice-Rector for Academic Programs and Student Affairs, and Martin Winner as Vice-Rector for Human Resources and Digital Infrastructure. During his four-year term of office, the new Rector first and foremost plans to create ideal conditions for strengthening WU’s expertise, boosting WU’s visibility, and further developing the university’s third mission activities. 

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