Middle East crisis: WU condemns acts of anti-Semitism


WU is a university committed to diversity and openness. In its research, teaching, and engagement with the public, WU addresses key issues and deals with volatile social developments that are increasingly turning into crises.

For many years, WU has been working to reappraise its own Nazi history and to keep the public updated about the relevant findings. In addition, a WU research group is looking at the so far under-researched but nevertheless highly important topic of anti-Semitism in the workplace.

In the wake of the escalating violence in the Middle East, we have seen a surge in vile acts of anti-Semitism, some of them committed shamelessly in public view, in many different countries, including Austria. WU condemns these acts in the most forceful terms. These developments show how important it is to keep remembering the past and to carry out research that addresses anti-Semitism.

Universities Austria (uniko) has also published a statement on this issue (in German).

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