European Business School Ranking: WU at place 41


In the Financial Times European Business School Ranking, WU placed 41st out of 95 ranked European business schools.

95 leading European business schools qualified for the Financial Times’s 2019 European Business School Ranking. HEC takes the top spot in this year’s ranking, followed by London Business School. Place three goes to Italy’s SDA Bocconi/Università Bocconi, which came in sixth last year. The University of St. Gallen maintains its position at fourth place. The results are based on the schools’ performance across the FT’s five main program rankings. This means that the number of individual rankings a university participates in influences the end result. The top four universities have good results in all five program rankings. WU only participates in the ‘Masters in Management’ (placing 9th out of 100 worldwide programs) and ‘Executive MBA’ rankings (taking 48th place out of 100 ranked programs worldwide). In the European Business School Ranking, WU is the highest-placing school with only two individual program rankings.

An advantage for graduates

“WU’s performance in the European Business School Ranking rounds off a very successful year for our university in terms of ranking results. The 2019 results clearly confirm WU’s excellent international reputation. We are proud that we represent Austria’s universities so well in international rankings,” says WU Rector Edeltraud Hanappi-Egger. “These ranking results primarily benefit our students and graduates. In today’s world, it’s not just what you study, but also where you study that is of increasing importance for building a career,” Hanappi-Egger points out.

WU excels in international experience

In the two individual rankings that were used to determine its place in the European Business Schools Ranking, WU did particularly well in two categories: the international experience of its students and the high salaries of its graduates. Student exchange programs and international internships are an important part of WU’s Executive MBA and Master in International Management programs. Students who graduate from these programs are very successful in the job market and have a high average income.

To view the complete ranking, please click here: http://rankings.ft.com/businessschoolrankings/european-business-school-rankings-2019

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