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WU's interactive gender equality report awarded
In the jury's view, WU's digital gender equality report is "a big success" in diversity management.
Josef Zechner has been elected chair of EFA
Josef Zechner will preside over the European Finance Association (EFA) from 2023.
WU alumnus receives Award of Excellence 2022
Gregor Zens was honored with the state award for his dissertation on “Modeling heterogeneity using Bayesian econometrics".
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WU Awards 2022: Turning the spotlight on excellence
At the "WU Awards 2022" ceremony, more than 317 award winners from the WU community were honored for their excellent achievements.
WU honors Schläffer as WU Manager of the Year 2022
WU alumnus Christopher Schläffer was honored for his visionary management achievements and his untiring social commitment.
Wolfgang Obenaus honored with prestigious award
WU Professor Wolfgang Obenaus has been awarded the Austrian Cross of Honor for Science and Art, First Class.
WU Rector receives Käthe Leichter lifetime achievement award
Hanappi-Egger received a prize in recognition of her lifetime achievements
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2021 WU Awards: Turning the spotlight on excellence
We want to give credit to the people behind WU Vienna’s outstanding research achievements
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Silvia Angelo is WU Manager of the Year 2021
The WU alumna is being recognized for her visionary management achievements and her tireless commitment to the advancement of women.
Sub auspiciis graduation at WU
City Council member Veronica Kaup-Hasler presented Timo Goßler with the Ring of Honor of the Republic of Austria.
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Honoring WU’s Students, Teachers, and Researchers
The WU Awards are given in recognition of outstanding research and teaching achievements.